Produced CDs
Live Recording

Christmas concert on January, 11th 2005
in St. Jana Church (Riga – Latvia)

  1. God with Us. Music by priest Vasily Zinov’ev (1872-1925), arr. by G. Smirnov

  2. Troparion to the Christmas (Large znamenny chant), arr. by G. Smirnov

  3. Kontakion to the Christmas. Music by deacon Sergey Trubachov (1919-1995)

  4. Magnification to the Christmas. Music by Boris Dodonov, arr. by G. Smirnov

  5. St. Simeon Prayer. Music by Sergey Rakhmaninov (1873-1943), op.37, #5. Soloist Alexey Maslov (Tenor)

  6. Today Christ is born of the Virgin in Bethlehem (Christmas concert). Music by Stephan Degtjarev (?-1813)

  7. Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos. Music by Sergey Rakhmaninov (1873-1943), op.37, №6, arr. by hegumen Nikifor (Kirzin – b.1960)

  8. It is Truly Meet (entrance preying, demestvenny chant, early Russian polyphony) Vladimir Miller (Basso profondo) and Jury Vishnjakov (Basso Profondo)

  9. Glory to God in the highest. (Christmas concert). Music by Dmitry Bortnyansky (1751-1825)

  10. All Afflicted Rejoice (Joy of All Who Sorrow). (Bulgarian chant). Music by Popov-Platonov

  11. Blessed is the man. Music by Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944), op.37, №2, arr. by G. Smirnov

  12. Cherubic Hymn. Music by Nikolay Golovanov (1891-1953), op.1, №1, arr. by P. Chesnokov

  13. Do not reject me in my old age. Music by P. Chesnokov, op.40, №5, arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloist Vladimir Miller (Basso profondo)

  14. The Six Psalms. Music by Iakov Chmelev (1977-1944)

  15. We hymn Thee. Music by S. Rakhmaninov, op.31, №12. Soloist Alexey Maslov (Tenor-alt)

  16. The Symbol of the Faith. Music by G.Smirnov

  17. Many Years. Music by P.Chesnokov


Christmas CONCERT ON JANUARY, 14th, 2007

  1. Troparion (Tone 4, greek chant) and Kontakion (Tone 4, greek chant) to the Christmas.
  2. Magnification to the Christmas. Music by B.Dodonov, Arr. By G.Smirnov. Soloist Anatoly Safiulin.
  3. Tolstjakov P. Glory... The Gospel (Come to Me all toilers). Soloist Anatoly Safiulin
  4. Trubachov S. Saint Ioasaf's Hourly Prayer.
  5. Lvovsky Gr. Litany of Fervent Supplication at the Divine Service to The Elevation Of The Precious And Life-Creating Cross. Arr. by G.Smirnov. Soloist - deacon - Peter Panov (Basso).
  6. Trubachev S. Who can separate from the Lord's Love.
  7. Chesnokov P. Op.24, №6. Let My Prayer Arise (Let my prayer be set forth in Thy sight).
  8. Chesnokov P. Op.44, №6. The Resurrection Evlogitaria, Tone 5 (Blessed are you, O Lord: teach me your statutes). Arr. by G.Smirnov.
  9. Chesnokov P. Op.44, №2. Blessed is the man. Arr. By G.Smirnov. Soloist Anatoly Safiulin.
  10. Let us come zealously to the Mother of God… Music by Alexandr Grechaninov (1864 – 1956). Arr. by Georgy Smirnov.
  11. Chesnokov P. Op.40, №2. The pre – eternal counsel… Soloist Anatoly Safiulin.
  12. Trubachev S. Brothers! Let this mind be in you...
  13. Frunza. My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord. Soloist Oleg Serebrennikov (Tenor)
  14. Burmatin M. The wise thief. Soloist Anatoly Safiulin.
  15. Archimandrite Pheofhan. Odes of Christmas Canon.

          Out of The Program:
          O, How long You, the Night! Russian folk song. Soloist Oleg Serebrennikov.
          12 robbers. Russian folk song. Soloist Anatoly Safiulin.
          Heaven and Earth. Christmas folk song. Arr. by Georgy Smirnov.
          Many Years. Music by Pavel Chesnokov.